What's New At Graustark Farm LLC?

We will be selling our handmade apparel and accessories by appointment here at the farm in Bluemont and at the following venues in 2017:

Christmas Market and Holiday Craft Show
Hillsboro Old Stone School
37098 Charles Town Pike
Hillsboro, VA 20132
Saturday Dec. 9, 2017 11am-6pm
Sunday Dec. 10, 2017 12-4pm



Having completed the training to become a CAMELIDynamics Senior Consultant, Linda is excited to now be able to teach llama and alpaca handling and training seminars at your farm or ours using the kind, respectful, safe, effective and FUN CAMELIDynamics™ techniques! See our list of workshops for handling, training, private consultations and fiber classes on the Workshops page.

Alpacas and llamas are among the most wondrous and mysterious creatures in the world. Yet handling and training them should be no mystery at all. Marty McGee Bennett has developed a proven and effective method to handle and train alpacas and llamas. This training system is CAMELIDynamics™.

Enjoy your llamas and alpacas while getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Change the relationship you have with your llamas and alpacas for the better... forever.

For more information on CAMELIDynamics, go to www.CAMELIDynamics.com

and to schedule a lesson or workshop with Linda as a senior consultant, contact us at Graustark Farm


Farm tours available by appointment only!


Located in Bluemont, Virginia, we have always loved to share our llamas and welcomed people to just walk around the farm, and maybe kiss a llama or two. We have come to realize, however, that these visits take a lot of time so we are now asking for a donation of $20 for our farm tours. Being just a small family run working farm, we offer no real public amenities and can not handle large groups or buses. Visits are strictly by appointment only, as we are NOT open to the public. If you wish to experience llamas up close and personal, pay us a visit. A walk around the barns and paddocks takes about an hour and there are plenty of photo opportunities. An extended walkabout leading a llama can be arranged and/or we can even offer a small fiber project for additional fees if you have time.

Drop us an email to schedule a visit:

Graustark Farm




Linda has been learning from Marty McGee Bennett and working with CAMELIDynamics since 2010. She is is now available for indiviualized help at our farm or yours as a Senior Consultant. See the Workshops page for more information. Even though we have been using many Camelidynamics techniques here at the farm for quite a few years, it was very insightful to complete the full training! Now you know that the animals here at Graustark Farm are handled with kindness and respect in a safe and fun environment. The llamas & alpacas sure appreciate it! Learn more at www.CAMELIDynamics.com

Llama 101

Worried about handling your new llamas? Schedule a private Llama 101 class and learn what these creatures are all about. See our Workshops page for more information.

Expanding the Fiber Side of the Business

We have had a lot of fun coming up with some new products to showcase our fabulous fiber! Check out the Fiber Products  page to see photos.  We now have some beautifully processed roving for hand spinners!

** We are not offering our fiber classes at this time (spring 2017)
- please check back in the future**

We are also offering private or small group lessons in spinning, weaving and felting. Or maybe you just want to learn about camelid fiber processing and what you need to do to prepare you fiber to use or send to a mill. Contact us for individual or small group instruction and see the Workshops page for more information.


BAL Whiston Churchill is standing at stud at Graustark

(Churchill is Co-Owned with Lodestar Llamas).

BAL Whiston Churchill has been winning big in the show ring.  He was:

Reserve Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male - 2006 Eastern Regionals
 Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male -  2007 Old Dominion Gold Cup
Heavy Wool 2007 Old Dominion Gold Cup Challenge Winner
Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male - 2007 Appalachian Spring Fling
First Place Adult Male Combined Wool Class  -  2008 Blue Ridge Classic


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Last Updated April 2016